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Caoimhe Doyle, 9 & under Fiddle winner
Kensington Ische, 9 & under Dance winner
Lucas Candelino, 12 & under Fiddle winner
Andrew Herwig, 12 & under Dance winner
Joelle Crigger, 13-15 Fiddle winner
Katie Paradis, 13-15 Dance winner
Diana Dawydchak, 16-18 Fiddle winner
Maria Peppler, 16-18 Dance winner
Stratford Step Sisters, Jr. Group Dance winners
Joelle Crigger & Charlotte VanBarr, Jr. Duet Fiddle winners
Katie Luckhardt, 19-29 Dance winner
Courtney Drew, 19-49 Fiddle winner
Jonathon Young, 30-49 Dance winner
Marlene Hundert, 50 & over Dance winner
Bill Smith, 50-64 Fiddle winner
Anton Toporowski, 65 & over Fiddle winner
Alanna & Colleen Jenish, Duet Fiddler winners
Alanna Jenish, Open Fiddle winner
Colleen Jenish, Open Dance winner
Electri C.A.L.L. S.T.o.R.M., Open Group Dance winners
Lucy McFarlene, Youngest Dancer
Tate Shortt, Youngest Fiddler
Charlotte Clare
David Dawydchak
Colleen Jenish
Paul Lemelin
Emma March
Celine Murray
Becky Reid
Colleen & Alanna Jenish
Kyle Waymouth
Tyler Beckett, fiddle judge
Shane Cook, fiddle judge
Greg Henry, fiddle judge
Rhodina Turner, stepdance judge
Sarah Robinson, stepdance judge
Tiffany Fewster-Salt, stepdance judge
UnReel, Open Group-2nd place
Elisa Crespo, 9 & under fiddle-2nd place
Ali DeVries, 9 & under Dance-2nd place
Leo Stock, 12 & under Dance-2nd place
Benett Van Barr, 12 & under Fiddle-2nd place
Anna Tigani, 12 & under Dance-3rd place
Alexis Mitchell, 12 & under Fiddle-3rd place
Steptopia, Jr. Group Dance-2nd place
Aine Schryer-O'Gorman, 13-15 Fiddle-2nd place
Beatrice Herwig, 13-15 Dance-2nd place
Amanda MacInnis, 16-18 Dance-2nd place
Will March, 16-18 Fiddle-2nd place
Chelsea Mott, 19-29 Dance-2nd place
Kyle Waymouth, 19-49 Fiddle-2nd place
Will & Emma March, Duet Fiddle-2nd place
Lynn Toplitsky, 50 & over Dance-2nd place
Ad Widmeyer, 50-64 Fiddle-2nd place
Don Guillemette, 65 & over Fiddle-2nd place
Kyle Waymouth, Open Dance-2nd place
Celine Murray, Open Fiddle-2nd place
Andrew Dawydchak, Open Fiddle-3rd place
Fern Storie with Paddy's Passion Award
Alanna Jenish with Don Carswell's Memorial Waltz Award

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