Stepdance Fiddle
9 and Under Step Julie Fitzgerald 9 and Under Fiddle Bourton Scott
12 and Under Step Alison Easey 12 and Under Fiddle Alison Easey
18 and Under Step Tiffany Fewester 18 and Under Fiddle Deanna Dolstra
Jr. Group Dance Everything Fitz 19 to 49 Fiddle Terri-Lynn Mahusky
19 to 35 Dance Tammy Rohfritsch 50 to 64 Fiddle Gerry Smith
36 to 49 Dance Bev Ardley Junior Duet Fiddle Tyler and Linsey Beckett
50 and Over Step George Steven 65 and Over Fiddle Alf Leno
Open Group Triple Dynamite Gospel Duet Fiddle Shane and Kyle Cook
Open Step Chad Wolfe Open Fiddle Shane Cook

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