Stepdance Fiddle
9 and Under Step Tom Fitzgerald 9 and Under Fiddle Tom Fitzgerald
12 and Under Step Julie Fitzgerald 12 and Under Fiddle Julie Fitzgerald
18 and Under Step Pat Fitzgerald 18 and Under Fiddle Tyler Beckett
Jr. Group Dance Denim & Lace 19 to 49 Fiddle Paul Lemelin
19 to 35 Dance Linda Duncan 50 to 64 Fiddle Real Levesque
36 to 49 Dance Nancy Norris Junior Duet Fiddle Patrick & Erika Wieler
50 and Over Step George Steven 65 and Over Fiddle Stan Beckett
Open Group Everything Fitz Duet Fiddle Tyler & Linsey Beckett
Open Step Laurie Nicholson Open Fiddle Shane Cook

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